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Function documentationUsing the Search Function in the WebClient UI


You can search for messages and change transactions in the Search screen of the WebClient UI. The result of your search is displayed in the result list. A series of search operators is available for the search. Input help or search help in certain fields also assists you in your search.

You can find general information on the search function in the following documentation: SAP Help Portal under Start of the navigation path Next navigation step <release> Next navigation step Application Help Next navigation step Getting Started with the WebClient UI Next navigation step Searches End of the navigation path.


Central Search

The central search function displays the search menu containing the objects for which you can search. For example, you can search for messages created on a certain date or for change documents that have a specific status.

Note Note

If you combine several search parameters of the same attribute, the system links the search parameters using logical OR combinations per default.


Document Type is Urgent Change

Status is Authorized for Production OR

Status is Completed OR

Status is Confirmed

End of the note.

Note Note

If you want to display the transaction types you have used before the upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.1 in the search, you have made the following setting in the Customizing activity Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step Capabilities Next navigation step Change Request Management Next navigation step Change Request Management Framework Next navigation step Assign Implementation to Change Transaction Types End of the navigation path: Choose a suitable entry in the Document Type in Search column, for example, Urgent Change or Normal Change. If this field is not maintained, you cannot search for the transaction types in the WebClient UI.

End of the note.
My Saved Searches

You can use this function to access search queries that you created. This allows you to find messages or change transactions faster.

You can save your search criteria in the central search screen under Save Search As, and then call it up under Saved Searches. Note that this saved search is only available to the user who has saved the search, other users cannot see it.

Using the central sharing tool, you can share your searches with other users, organizational units, positions, or business roles. You have to manually activate the sharing functionality. More information can also be found in For more information, see SAP Help Portal under Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step <SAP Enhancement Package 1 for SAP CRM 7.0 and above> Next navigation step Application Help Next navigation step WebClient UI Framework Next navigation step Generic User Interface Functions Next navigation step Central Sharing Tool End of the navigation path.

TREX Search

Text Retrieval and Information Extraction (TREX) is a powerful engine that provides intelligent search and automatic classification of documents. The TREX search engine is used for full-text search within transactions, such as incidents, change transactions, and knowledge articles. TREX search can be used in the WebClient UI and in the Incident Management work center.

You can set up the TREX search in SAP Solution Manager Configuration.