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Function documentationReport: Inconsistent Test Plans


This report finds test plans for which the underlying project or solution has changed after generating the test plan.

Note Note

The system determines whether test plans are obsolete because of the following changes:

  • The structure of the test plan has changed

  • New test cases have been added

End of the note.

You can check such test plans, and update them by generating them again.


  • Your user role authorizes you to run this report.

    For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager Security Guide, under Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step SAP Components Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager <current release> End of the navigation path, in the SAP Service Marketplace.

  • You have created test plans.



Selection criteria

Restriction by


The project for which you analyze test plans


The solution for which you analyze test plans

Test sequence

Test plans in a test sequence

Test plan key

Test plans with a specified identification key

Test plan title

Test plans with a specified title

Person responsible

Test plans for which a user is responsible


Test plans with a specified release status


Test plans in an application component

You enter an application component code, or choose an entry from the input help.


Test plans of a layout

If you select the checkbox Update Status, the sSystem updates the test status for test plans, or for test plans and test packages, depending on the option chosen.

Example Example

The system changes the test status during the report, for example from New to Tested.

End of the example.

The system lists test plans which satisfy the search criteria, and for which the system has checked whether they are obsolete and need to be regenerated. Rows with inconsistent test plans are indicated.

Note Note

You can call the test plans in change mode by double-clicking on the test plan title. Before you regenerate the test plan, you can check in the test plan structure, for example, which structure elements have been removed or added. The system identifies these changes with symbols.

End of the note.


  1. To call this report, in the Test Management work center, choose the Reports view.

  2. In the reports table, expand Test, choose Inconsistent Test Plans, and the action Analyze.