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Background documentationDisplaying Transport Collections on the Central CTS Server


On the central CTS server (SAP Solution Manager), you can use CTS Transport Manager Web UI to display transport collections together with their transport requests and further attributes, such as description, owner, and return code. If the transport collection was created using Change Request Management or Quality Gate Management, the assigned change and project cycles are also displayed.


  1. Start CTS Transport Manager Web UI using transaction code SZENTMS.

    The Organize view is displayed by default.

  2. Enter a source cluster for which you want to display transport collections.

  3. To display transport collections for a specific user enter the user name as Owner. If you want to display all transport collections of a selected cluster, enter an asterisk (*).

  4. Optional: You can restrict the displayed transport collections to a specific status (Modifiable, or Exporting, for example). To do this, select the respective option by clicking the small black arrow next to the Owner input field.

    This starts the search.

  5. If the search is not started, choose Refresh to start the search.

    The system displays all transport collections in a list that correspond to the search criteria.

  6. You have the following options:

    • You can expand the node for the transport collection to display the transport requests that belong to the transport collection. Expanding the node further displays the objects contained in the transport requests.

    • You can navigate to the transport logs of the collection. To do this, select the transport collection and choose Logs.

      Transport Log Viewer opens in a new browser window.