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Component documentationMonitoring History


The monitoring history displays the development of selected monitoring data of your monitored systems, through time. You can specify in the set-up, which performance values to display in the monitoring history. It complements IT Performance Reporting, in which you can display the development of performance values which SAP has identified as particularly important, over time.

The monitoring history contain various periods, from the last few hours to the last few months, so you can see both the current, and the long-term development of the performance values. The values for each period are displayed in the appropriate level of detail.

Use the monitoring history when:

  • The IT performance reporting data is insufficient for you, because some values which are important for you are not collected.

  • You need the threshold values for warning (yellow) and problem (red), as well as the development of the values through time. You can also do this in the monitoring history.

  • To be able to display monitoring data, you need to drill-down directly to a higher time resolution. You can do this in monitoring history, but not in IT performance reporting.

  • You have written user Data Suppliers for the CCMS monitoring infrastructure, and you want to display the development of the associated performance values, in the SAP Solution Manager.

All performance data is saved in the BI (Business Intelligence) system which is associated with the SAP Solution Manager. This BI is also used for all other reporting applications.

Implementation Considerations

The monitoring history set-up is part of the IT performance reporting set-up (see Set-Up IT Performance Reporting).


The monitoring history is part of the Solution Manager System Monitoring work center.