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This process helps you with the automatic evaluation of business processes in SAP Solution Manager. It therefore helps you to optimize your business processes. You can, for example, analyze your actively used business processes or evaluate the use of new applications.

  • Solution Documentation Assistant

    The solution documentation assistant conducts a structure-related analysis of your business processes that helps you in the preparation of upgrade projects as well as in the evaluation of new functions and customer-specific developments.

  • Custom Development Management Cockpit

    You use the Custom Development Management Cockpit to organize all software adjusted to your individual needs, and you can also use it to check the effects of your modifications before the implementation of new software updates and Support Packages.

  • Upload/Download project contents

    The project contents download and upload functions prepares various contents (e.g. project structure or project structure attributes), for an existing project, with the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program, and loads it into the SAP system .