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Procedure documentationManaging Tools


You use this procedure for a unified access to tools relevant for administrative tasks, managing users, and transportation tasks in the central (SAP Solution Manager) system and managed systems.


  1. Navigate to the Technical Administration work center.

  2. Choose Central Tool Access.

  3. To group systems in a new query, perform the following:

    1. Choose Define New Query.

    2. Follow the instructions in the wizard.

  4. Select an appropriate query.

  5. Select an appropriate system.

  6. To access the appropriate tools or applications, choose one of the following options:

    • For administrative tasks, choose Administration Tools.

    • For managing users in a system, choose User Management.

    • For transportation tasks, choose Transport Management.

  7. To select a location for displaying the list of relevant tools provided by SAP, perform one of the following:

    • To display the list in a new window, choose Start New Window.

    • To display the list in the work center, choose Start Embedded.

    Note Note

    • The tools mentioned in the list are greyed out if there is no trusted RFC connection for the system and application.

    • The list of tools displayed varies depending on the type of system selected. For example, if you have selected a dual stack system, both Java and ABAP applications are displayed.

    End of the note.
  8. To view the RFC connections to the selected system, choose RFC Information.

  9. To use a tool mentioned in the list of tools, click on the name or technical name of the tool.

  10. To add a tool to the list, perform the following:

    1. Choose Add Tool.

    2. In the Add Tool window, enter the required data.

    3. Choose Ok.

      The tool gets added to the list and has the value User Defined in the Area column.