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Procedure documentationScheduling ES/PSLE Reports as Background Jobs


You can schedule the creation of the ES/PSLE report as a weekly or monthly background job. You can be informed by e-mail when the ES/PSLE report is generated and open it from the e-mail.


  • In the guided procedure for creating an ES/PSLE report, you have selected the systems to be covered and the chapters to be displayed in the report. For more information, see Creating ES/PSLE Reports Ad Hoc.


  1. In the Determine Generation Mode step, choose Create Schedule, and choose Next.

  2. Enter data as required.

    • In the Schedule ID field, enter a name for the background job.

    • Specify the start date and time.

    • Specify the interval, at which the background job is to run (for example, 2 weeks, 3 months).

      Note Note

      For the system to be able to start a background job and generate a report, the value in the Interval field must not be 0 .

      End of the note.

      Example Example

      You want to generate the ES/PSLE report on the fourth day of each quarter. Select Monthly and enter Day 4 of every 3 months.

      End of the example.
    • Optional: Under Range of Recurrence, define when the background job is to end

    • To be notified by e-mail and be able to open the ES/PSLE report from the e-mail, enter e-mail addresses separated by semicolons.

  3. Save your entries.

  4. To display whether the report is finished, and maintain the scheduled background jobs, in the start screen choose Existing Schedules.

    By default, the 10 most recent schedules are displayed.

Note Note

If a background job fails and the execution is flagged as failed in the overview, reschedule it, or create the ES/PSLE report ad-hoc.

End of the note.