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The Solutions view contains information about solutions with top issues, issues, services and support requests, and their business processes.

The list, which you can filter according to your needs, gives you an overview of how many top issues, issues, services and service requests are assigned to a solution, and which status they have (Open, In Process or Completed).

If you select a solution in the list, the system shows the scenarios and business processes that were set up for this solution.

The business processes can also be displayed graphically. From the graphic you can navigate directly to the Business Processes, Top Issues or Issues views.

You can also edit the solution master data, and update it at SAP, in this view.

Note Note

The solution that you select in this view is proposed in other views of this work center when you navigate to these. This also applies after a new start.

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  1. You have created a solution.

  2. An issue or top issue is present in at least one solution.


  1. Displaying Solutions

    If you choose the Solutions pushbutton in the navigation area of the work center, you change to the Solutions view.

    This view displays all solutions that are available in your system and for which there is either an issue, top issue, SAP delivered service or self-service.

    Note Note

    If you only wish to display certain services, for example solutions with issues or solutions with SAP delivered services, choose the corresponding link directly in the overview under Solutions. The filter is applied automatically when the Solutions view is displayed.

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    You can filter the solutions in this view by Top Issues, Issues, Services and Support Requests.

    The list shows how many top issues, issues, services or support requests have which status for a solution. If you click on a number specified in a category, you navigate directly to the corresponding area.

  2. Displaying Business Processes for Solutions

    • If you select a certain solution in the list, all business processes of the solution and the scenarios are displayed automatically under Solution Details <solution ID > on the Business Processes tab.

      In this list you can see which business processes have top issues and issues assigned to them.

    • If you choose the Graphical Overview tab in the details area you will see a graphical display of all scenarios and their business processes.

      If you click on a business process in the graphical display, you branch automatically to the Business Processes view with the graphical display of the individual steps of the selected business process.

      If one or more issues or top issues are assigned to a business process, these are displayed in the graphic with a small, rectangular symbol. If you click on this symbol you switch to the Issues view with details on the corresponding issues.

  3. Update solution master data at SAP, and edit it

    Note Note

    SAP can only provide services for the components of your solution, if it knows of their existence. If, for example, you have expanded a solution with a system, you can only be provided with services for this system if SAP has received the corresponding data.

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    • To update solution master data, select the solution, and choose Update Solution Master Data at SAP.

      This transaction sends the solution master data of your systems to SAP. This contains information such as which systems are contained in a solution. You must perform this transaction if you wish to receive a service plan.

      The dialog box that appears displays when the update was last performed.

    • To edit solution master data, select the solution, and choose Update Solution Master Data at SAP.

      You go to the Display Solution Directory dialog box.

      For more information, see Defining Solutions in the Solution Directory.