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Procedure documentationDistributing CTS Plug-Ins to the Managed Systems


Using the Central CTS Configuration Web UI you can distribute the CTS Service and CTS Bootstrapper plug-ins from the central CTS server to the managed systems.


  • You have performed a validation in the central CTS Configuration Web UI and the system tells you that the CTS Service and CTS Bootstrapper plug-ins in the managed system are not up-to-date.

  • The import destination exists for the distribution of CTS Service plug-ins.

  • The managed system has the required version of the transport tools tp and R3trans.

    For more information, see SAP Note 1665940Information published on SAP site.

  • The CTS plug-in (software component CTS_PLUG) is not installed in the managed system. Otherwise, plug-in distribution is not possible.


  1. In the Central Change and Transport System Configuration Web UI, choose the link Plug-In not up-to-date.

  2. A dialog box opens where you must confirm that you want to distribute the plug-in to the relevant system.

    On this dialog box, you can navigate to the validation details on the plug-in distribution status. This provides an overview of the installed plug-in versions and the versions that are available for installation as well as the import destination and transport tools functions.

  3. Choose Distribute Plug-ins.

    The CTS Service and CTS Bootstrapper plug-ins are distributed to the managed system.