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Function documentationOutput Analysis Results in an Analysis Report


The Solution Documentation Assistant can output the results of an analysis in an analysis report, for example, for documentation purposes.

The analysis report shows how the results of the analysis were reached. The statistical reports offer pointers to the sections where you can improve the performance of your analysis. This is particularly useful if you use SQL check steps, which cause a heavy system load.


  • You have clicked on the name of an analysis in the Analyses view, to open the results overview.

Note Note

Result overviews are only available for completed analyses.

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The analysis report contains the following information:

  • General analysis data. Shows the analysis project name, source, and time of execution.

  • Settings for the logical components. Shows the assignment of the logical components to customer systems.

  • Global parameter settings. Shows the execution options selected when creating the analysis.

  • Analysis period settings. Shows which periods (completed months) were specified for which types of check steps.

  • Analysis structure overview. Shows the results of check items and check steps for the individual structure objects.

    Note Note

    The meaning of the different statuses is explained in the Analysis Results section of the analysis report.

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  • Analysis results summary report. Shows a statistical report for the analysis, sorted by types of check steps:

    • Overview of use of objects

    • Use, for example, of transactions, reports and function modules (RFC), sorted by frequency

    • Use of Business Add-Ins (BAdIs), sorted by frequency.

    Note Note

    The amount of information displayed in the tables can be restricted. To output and continue processing complete lists of certain analysis results, use the export function in the application.

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  • To display the analysis report:

    1. Choose the Report tab.

    2. Choose Display Analysis Report

      You can find detailed information about the displayed information in the legend of the analysis report.

  • If you only want to display parts of the analysis report, you can adjust its structure and appearance, under Settings.

    For further information, see Adjust Structure and Appearance of an Analysis Report