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  Insert Additional Hardware Components


You assign CCMS alerts of a non-SAP ABAP system to a hardware server in your solution landscape, which is in the alert graphic.


  1. Select the Additional Hardware Components check .

  2. Choose the hardware server for which you want to set-up alerts.

  3. Choose the central monitoring system in the Central Monitoring System column.

  4. Set the to monitor flag to activate the monitoring.

  5. To save your entries, choose the pushbutton Save + next w/o Check .

    You go to the next unprocessed check.

  6. Select the Hardware Component check .

  7. Choose the CCMS Context for user alerts.

  8. Select the Set-Up Monitoring check .

  9. Activate or deactivate alerts.

  10. Maintain the thresholds.

  11. Save your entries.