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Communication between the Service Data Control Center (SDCCN) in your SAP Solution Manager system, and those of the connected systems is by Remote Function Call (RFC) connection. Such a connection is used, for example, to get and send session data.

For RFC connections to work, RFC destinations must be defined. For SDCCN to work, at least one RFC destination, BACK or NONE, must be defined. The destination is usually created automatically for all connected systems, by the transaction SMSY in the SAP Solution Manager system. A user is created in the SAP Solution Manager system, and put in the RFC destination entry in the connected system.

When you activate the SDCCN in the SAP Solution Manager system, an RFC connection from this system to the SAP Support Portal is generated, and the RFC destination SDCC_OSS is created. This connection provides SAP services and sends license data directly to SAP.

As the destination SDCC_OSS is based on the destination SAPOSS, this original connection must work. If you have problems, check the destination SAPOSS.

Note Note

If you use the transaction SMSY, the destination follows the naming convention BACK: SM_<SID>CLNT<client>_BACK.

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More Information

If you cannot use the transaction SMSY: SAP note 824521Information published on SAP site (SDCCN: No Authorization or RFC Destinations).

RFC Settings

SAP note 763561Information published on SAP site