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  Create Roadmap Structure

Choose the transaction Roadmap Authoring Environment (RMAUTH).

Choose a Roadmap with RoadmapOther Roadmap .

Choose the icon Structure Display <-> Change at the left-hand side.

Create new structure elements:

Select a structure element and choose Insert Subnode or Insert at Same Level , from the context menu.

Choose the element type in the next dialog box and enter a name.You can create several elements at once.

Confirm the dialog box and save your changes.

You can change the structure.

Change the sequence of the structure elements with Drag&Drop

Copy structure elements with the context menu

The system shows all changes in the structure immediately in the initial Roadmap view as well.

To make assignments to a structure element, in the top right-hand area, you can:

Description tab: Create/Assign a document. This document is displayed in the Roadmap at the top right, as description/subject of the structure element.

Variants , Subjects , Roles tabs: Assign attributes which you assigned to the Roadmap,in the t ransaction Roadmap Repository (RMDEF), with the pushbutton Add Entry .

The assignment of an attribute is inherited by higher and lower elements of the structure element.

The deletion of an attribute assignment is inherited by higher and lower elements of the structure element

Assign accelerators to the structure elements in the bottom right-hand area, or create new accelerators.Accelerators can be:



URL links

You can check accelerators out with the pushbutton Check Document In/Out

When you check a document out, you lock it for changes by other users. To unlock the document, check it in. You can only check documents in which you have previously checked out.

You can display the change history of the accelerators with the Document Attributes pushbutton in the History tab.

To assign several accelerators to a structure element at the same time, select the accelerator in the search results list, and press theCTRLkey at the same time.