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Background documentationWork Center Structure


The role-based work centers of SAP Solution Manager use a common user interface, which has identical basic parts and differs depending on the role and purpose of the work center.

A work center consists of the following basic elements:

  • Navigation bar

    It represents the first level of navigation whose tabs you use to select the work center. The system highlights the respective selected entry.

  • Navigation area

    It represents the second level of navigation, where you can, depending on the role, select the following with reference to the work center:

    • Views

      The system highlights the currently selected view (work center specific or the overview).

    • Hyperlinks

    • Functions

    You can enlarge and shrink, or close and expand the navigation area.

  • Content area

    The system updates it depending on the view selected in the navigation area. The following table summarizes the available functions:

    Navigation Element

    Content Area


    Provides a summary of the important contents of the selected work center, aggregated from the views and analyses of the work center. Examples are quick links to filtered lists, such as analyses. They refer, amongst other things, to alerts, projects, systems, and solutions that are assigned to your role and area of responsibility.

    <Work Center-Specific Views>

    Contains lists and service maps relevant to the work center.

    The lists consist of objects that you can display and edit from different perspectives. There are also functions that you can perform from this view:

    Service maps support some tasks. You get additional information for the tasks in the form of figures and descriptions and can call the associated functions.


    Depending on the work center-specific view, the system expands the corresponding subviews, for example, for the Projects view, the system displays as selection of hyperlinks Subprojects.


    Provides analyses for the selected work center.

    Note Note

    Not all work centers include analyses.

    End of the note.

    Typical Tasks

    Contains functions that can be called from every work center view.


    Provides links to helpful information and functions that contain content relevant to the selected work center. Here, the system offers predefined questions, for example, to display all red alerts. When you select an entry, the system displays the function or information in a new window. Your system administration can define the entries in this area for each work center, in the work center roles. For more information, see the Customizing for SAP Solution Manager under:

    • Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step Technical Settings Next navigation step Work Center End of the navigation path

    • Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step Capabilities Next navigation step < Name of Work Centers > Next navigation step Authorizations/User End of the navigation path.

    To get a better overview, you can compact and expands individual info areas (trays). There is often a list of objects that you can edit in the content area. When you select an object in the list, the system displays details of this object below the list, if they are available.