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Function documentationSAP EarlyWatch Alert


SAP EarlyWatch Alert is a diagnostic which monitors solutions in SAP systems in SAP Solution Manager. SAP Solution Manager processes the service data collected from the managed system. You can display the report as an HTML document. You can also create the report as a Microsoft Word document. You can use the documents as status reports. You can analyze and avoid potential problems with these reports.


SAP EarlyWatch Alert is a prerequisite for Service Level Reporting and all services delivered by SAP.


You have performed the Managed Systems Configuration scenario in Solution Manager Configuration for the managed system.


The following managed system data is collected weekly, and passed to the SAP Solution Manager:

  • General component status

  • System configuration

  • Hardware

  • Performance development

  • Average response times

  • Current system load

  • Critical error messages and process interruptions

  • Database administration