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Procedure documentationSending Notifications from Alert Inbox or Self-Monitoring


  1. In the Technical Monitoring work center, choose Alert Inbox.

  2. Select the alert.

  3. To send a notification for an alert group, select the alert group.

  4. To view details of the alert group, choose Show Details.

  5. Choose Create Notification.

  6. In the Create Notification window, enter the required data.

    You can enter recipients either from Global Recipient Pool or from recipients based on Business Partner Function. You can also enter the recipient user or contact number directly.

  7. To view the recipients who would receive the notification, choose Check Recipients.

    This tells you whether any substitutes would receive the notification.

    The status of the recipient list determines the recipients in a recipient list who would receive notification:

    Recipient List Status

    Notification Receiver


    All recipients




    Recipients with green status only

    The status of a recipient list depends upon the status of its recipients:

    Recipient Status

    Recipient List Status

    All recipients green


    All recipients red


    At least one recipient red and others green


  8. Send the notification.