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Procedure documentationDispatching a Message to a Processor


In the role of dispatcher, you dispatch messages that are assigned to your support team to a processor in the team. You can also dispatch messages to other support teams, for example, on another support level.

The home page of the dispatcher shows the messages that are assigned to the support team, but not to a processor.

You can dispatch messages manually or automatically according to a configured rule.


To forward a message according to a rule:

  • You have created dispatch rules.

  • You have configured the dispatching, depending on the transaction type, in the SAP Solution Manager.


Dispatching a Message to a Processor Manually
  1. Choose the message that you want to forward.

  2. Choose Edit.

  3. In the Message Processor field, specify the support processor who is to process the message.

  4. In processing data, in the assignment block Details, enter the status Forwarded.

  5. Check the message priority.

  6. To create a note to the processor, in the assignment block Text, choose Start of the navigation path Add Text Next navigation step Internal Note End of the navigation path, and enter a text.

  7. Save your entries.

Dispatching a Message According to a Rule

You can dispatch a message according to its attributes, for example its status or category.

  1. Open the message that you want to dispatch.

  2. Choose Send. The message is forwarded according to the specified rules.

Note Note

If you dispatch a message using the support team to determine the message processor: Delete the entry in the Message Processor field to avoid inconsistencies between the message processor that is entered manually and the support team that is entered according to a rule.

End of the note.

More Information

For more information, see the SAP Library for SAP Customer Relationship Management in the SAP Help Portal, under Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step <Release SAP CRM 7.0 or higher> Next navigation step Application Help Next navigation step Service Request Management End of the navigation path.