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Function documentationCreating a PPM Project Task from a Request for Change


This function is only available for maintenance projects.

You can create an SAP Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) project task out of a request for change in Change Request Management, for example if the request for change was created as a result of an incident. The request for change must be connected to an SAP Solution Manager project which is assigned to an SAP Portfolio and Project Management project.

If you have an open request for change, you can also create a new request for change in the Change Request Management. Click on Start of the navigation path Create Next navigation step Request for Change End of the navigation path in the navigation area on the left-hand side.

You can also start with transaction crm_ui or solar01. Fill all mandatory fields. You can enter the SAP Solution Manager project in the Details Assignment block below the Change Planning section. Select a maintenance project that is connected to an SAP Portfolio and Project Management project, and select the action Create PPM task. Save your data. A new task is created with a request for change connected.

The new task appears in the Details Assignment block of the request for change; the request for change-related information is displayed on the transaction tab of the task. The status of the new task is Released.