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Function documentationTest Cases Tab Page


You can assign the test cases on the Test Cases tab page.


You can make an entry in the following fields for each test case:

  • Test Case Type

    The possible test case types depend on the system configuration. The template file contains an example of each possible test case type. You can also recognize the relevant required entry fields for the test case type from this.

  • Source Component (see note on logical component)

  • Test Case

    The test case must exist in the system. Otherwise, the system displays an error message.

  • Variant

  • Test Case Name

  • Target Component (see note on logical component)

  • Test Object

    The test object must be assigned to the same structure element on the Transactions tab page.

  • Test Object Type

  • Logical Component (test object) (see not on logical component)

Note Note

Note on Logical Component:

The logical components must be assigned to the project on the System Landscape tab page in Project Administration (transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN).

End of the note.

If the test case is a document (test case type TWTD), enter the test case type only. The following information can also be entered:

  • Document ID

  • File path

  • Document type or test case

  • Person responsible

  • Technical name

  • Priority

  • Keywords

The ID (in this case, all other entries are ignored) or name, documentation type, and path or URL are required.

For more information, see the documentation for the Project Documentation Tab Page. The Blueprint-Relevant field described here is not available for test cases.