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Procedure documentationCorrecting Import Errors Manually


Change Request Management projects run through a fixed cycle that starts when the project is created and ends when it is closed. Each phase of the cycle is mapped by a task list. Before a project in the cycle enters a new phase, the task list of the current phase must be complete, and all transports from the source system must have been imported successfully into the target system.

If errors occur during the import, you can correct these manually.


  1. To display import errors, select the function Correct Imports with Errors in the task list under General Tasks, and choose Run Transaction.

    The system displays an overview of the imports with errors in each of the target systems for the task list.

  2. Select the target system and choose Log.

    The system displays the log overview.

    Note Note

    You can also display the log overview by double-clicking a system in the detailed information.

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  3. To display more detailed information about import errors, select the import with errors with the status Ended with Errors.

    The system displays the log file with the import error.

  4. Correct the error in the target system. If, for example, a missing domain caused the import error, import the domain transport request and regenerate the corresponding data element.

  5. To change the status of the corrected import error in the task list and therefore be able to complete the task list, select the Correct Imports with Errors function again under General Tasks in the task list, and choose Run Transaction.

    The system displays an overview of the imports with errors with their target system.

  6. To change the import status of the corrected error, select the transport request and choose Errors Corrected.


The system corrects the internal status in SAP Solution Manager. You can end the task list and begin a new phase of the cycle.

Note Note

The system does not correct the status of the underlying import in the log, because log files cannot be changed. The import log still has the status With Errors.

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