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 Test Organization: Analysis of Tests by Process


You can monitor the progress of tests in your project by process and across test plans, with Project Status Analysis . You see in which test plan and test package a test case is used, if any.

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The analysis is not relevant if you organize tests with the SAP Quality Center by HP .

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The Status Info System Analysis ( test plan status analysis ) analyzes the status of test cases by test plans or test packages in which a test case is used. The analysis of tests by process ( project status analysis ) shows the status of test cases across test plans.


  • You have assigned test cases to your project structure.

  • You have put the test cases in a test plan, and generated the test plan.

  • You have put the test cases in a test package.



Selection criteria

Selection criteria


Project Structure

Selection of substructures or structure elements to be analyzed

Logical Component

Analysis of the logical components which are assigned to the structure elements

Project Team Members

Specify one or more project team member

Object attributes

Enter attributes as in the Test Cases tab; test objects and test object type.


Test case status


Keywords which you defined in the project administration and assigned in the project structure


Call the analysis of tests by process:

  • in the transaction Start of the navigation path Solution Manager: Analysis (SOLAR_EVAL) Next navigation step Test Next navigation step Project Status Analysis End of the navigation path

  • in the Test Analysis area in the Test Management work center