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Procedure documentationChecking Configuration Stores Across Systems


You can search for configuration stores across systems. You can display the contents of a specified configuration store for all systems, or check which systems in your system landscape contain a specified configuration store.


  1. In the SAP Solution Manager Administration work center, choose the Infrastructure view.

  2. Start CCDB administration.

  3. Go to the Cross Selection tab.

    The application provides various filters to refine your search. You can do the following, for example:

    • Enter a name in Store Filter to search for a specific configuration store.

    • Under Configuration Validation Filters, select a list of systems to only list the configuration stores of systems which are used for a configuration validation.

      For more information, see Configuration Validation.

    • Under Element Filters, enter the name of a configuration item, or use wildcards to search for a pattern.

  4. Choose Display Stores to display a list of configuration stores that meet your filter criteria. You can further filter the display by the main status of the stores.

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    You can also choose Display Elements to directly display the contents of the specified configuration stores. Each content element has its own row in the table.

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  5. To display more details about a configuration store, select it in the list. Detailed information, including the store contents, is displayed below.

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    You can manually trigger the update of the selected store by choosing the Trigger Update pushbutton from the store details view.

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