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Function documentationSpecify Scope and Format of Analysis Results Graphic


The report results are displayed as comprehensively, but also comprehensibly, as possible, in the graphic. You can change the format for certain requirements, for example to output and print specific information.


You are in the analysis results on the Component View tab.


You can adjust the following aspects of the graphic:

  • General: You specify whether only report objects with automatic rating, or also report objects with manually changed rating, are to be displayed.

  • Graphic: You exclude diagrams, and specify the graphical format (e.g. pie chart or bar chart, data display as a diagram or table).

    Note Note

    Diagrams which show the most often used objects, show at most the 10 most often used objects.

    End of the note.
  • Report structure: You exclude substructures from the report structure.


  1. Choose Settings

    You go to the Settings dialog box.

  2. Choose the tab for the aspects which you want to adjust, and make the settings.

  3. Save your entries.

    The graphic of the current report is adjusted.