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Procedure documentationDecoupling a Transport Request


Change managers or developers can decouple transport requests from change documents. If you have not activated the central Change and Transport System (central CTS) for the project involved, you can only decouple modifiable transport requests. If you have activated central CTS, this prerequisite does not apply.

Example Example

A development in a normal change is partly unfinished, multiple transport requests exist, and one transport containing the unfinished development is to be reassigned, because the cycle is to be closed, or the remaining part of the project needs to go live. To separate these developments from your change document and finalize the other parts of your project, you can decouple the transport requests with the unwanted changes.

End of the example.


You have imported any transports of copies before you decouple the transport request. If you do not import transports of copies before the decoupling, they are still managed by the original task list and can only be imported with the original task list via a „project all“ import.


  1. Select a transport request in the Transport Management assignment block.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path More Next navigation step Decouple Transport Request End of the navigation path.

  3. Confirm that you want to decouple the transport request, in the dialog box.

Note Note

Check with the responsible developers that the decoupled transport request does not have any dependencies to other projects. If it has dependencies, there might be downgrade conflicts.

End of the note.


The transport requests are decoupled from your change document, and are no longer displayed in the Transport Management assignment block. When you transport the changes in this change document into your production system, the decoupled request is not transported. You can assign it to another change document, with the function Assign Transport Request.

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