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Function documentationDamaged Test Case Worklist


The Damaged Test Case Worklist supports the administration of the repair process of damaged test cases.

As a test engineer, you:

  • Process and administer damaged test case support messages

  • Start routines to analyze the cause of damages

  • Request additional information from reporters

The Damaged Test Case Worklist comprises views to search for, display, and edit support messages and to edit and run test cases. You can display the actions taken to repair a test case.

Test engineers can categorize test case error types. Define the categorization schema in Customizing for SAP Solution Manager under Start of the navigation path Capabilities (optional) Next navigation step Test Management Next navigation step Extended Configuration Next navigation step Test Cases Next navigation step Categorization of Test Case Errors End of the navigation path.


  • You are authorized for the Test Management.

  • The administrator has created a system user for you and assigned a business partner to the user.

  • You have the role SAP_STWB_WITC_ADMIN.

  • You have development authorization.


Active Queries

All support messages concerning test cases to be repaired by you as the test engineer

Support Messages

A list of support messages which you can, for example, filter by status.

If you have authorization as a test engineer, you can

  • Edit test scripts

  • Execute test cases

  • Run Business Process Change Analyses to identify the cause of a damage

  • Submit repaired test cases to the reporter

  • Go to the usage location of a test case in an SAP Solution Manager project or a solution. You can directly go to the business process step where the test case is relevant and check the context from which a test case is started.

  • Go to the status maintenance of a test case to display messages or the execution history

  • Display the CRM transaction to display technical details of a support message.

Support messages contents and test cases are always accessible for reporters and test engineers.


You can perform complex searches by defining queries or entering selection criteria directly. You can, for example, filter by support message status, source component, and date of creation.

You can search for confirmed support messages which are removed from the standard list of support messages.