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Function documentationService Connections


This function uses assistants to set up service connections to SAP for the managed systems in your solution. You can open a service connection for a specified period, for an SAP Support staff member to log on to your system and perform support.


The SAP Solution Manager exchanges service connection and system data with the SAP Support Portal. The Service Connection Overview function in your Solution Manager system corresponds to the Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step Remote Support End of the navigation path function in the SAP Support Portal.


You have made the system settings in SAP Solution Manager customizing for Users/Authorizations and the System Landscape.

Setting up a solution is optional for this function.


  • Overview of your service connections (can be filtered), by installation numbers

  • Edit service connections with assistants:

    • Connection:

      You can:

      • open or close one or more systems (multiple selection with CTRL or SHIFT).

      • Update the connection status of all displayed connections. The system re-reads all status information buffered in the SAP Solution Manager, from the SAP Support Portal.

      • Specify date and time to open system connections later.

    • Configuration:

      You can:

      • set up a new connection for a system, change, display or delete existing connections.

      • refresh the active connections of a selected system, in the SAP Support Portal.

      • add new server and IP addresses for server, and change IP addresses.

    • System Access:

      You can grant or deny access to a system. If you deny access, you can temporarily prevent service connections from being opened. This function corresponds to entering NO_CONNECTION in the SAPRouter field in the system data of a system in the SAP Support Portal.

    • Update:

      You can update the service connections and the authorizations. When you update the service connections, you copy the current status of the service connections and systems from the SAP Support Portal into the SAP Solution Manager system. When you update authorizations, you copy new user or authorization data which was maintained in the SAP Support Portal user administration, into the SAP Solution Manager system.

    • SAP Solution Manager:

      You can open, change, close or create connections to the SAP Solution Manager system.

    • Solution Manager Diagnostics:

      You can open, change, close or create connections to the Solution Manager Diagnostics.


You can call the service connection overview:

  • From the SAP Solution Manager Administration work center: Choose Service Connections.

  • Using your Favorites in the SAP Easy Access menu:

    1. To put the function in your Favorites, choose Start of the navigation path Favorites Next navigation step Insert Other Objects Next navigation step Web Dynpro Application End of the navigation path.

    2. Choose AI_SERVICE_CONNECTIONS from the possible entries help for the field Web Dynpro Application, in the following screen.

    3. Enter the required data.

      • To only show the systems of one solution, choose the parameter IF_SOLUTION_ID from the possible entries help, and enter the solution ID as the value of this parameter. If you do not specify a solution ID, all systems which you have captured in the Solution Manager System Landscape, are displayed.

      • To only display a specified system, choose the parameter IF_SYSTEM_NAME from the value help, and enter the ID of this systems as the value of the parameter.

  • Choose Service Connections (SOLMAN_CONNECT) in the role menu.