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Procedure documentationCreating Check Steps for Business Add-Ins (BAdIs)


You want to check if a particular Business Add-In (BAdI) is active. You can either check how many implementations are present or whether specific implementations are used.


  • Follow the instructions for creating a check step. For more information, see Creating or Editing a Check Step.

  • Note the special features when creating a check step for BAdIs.

Special Features

Define the following attributes of the check step:

  • Check step type. Choose BAdI.

  • Specify the BAdI object details:

    • In the BAdI Type selection list, specify whether you want to check a classic BAdI or a new BAdI (release 7.0 and higher).

    • In the Definition Name input field, enter the BAdI definition for which you want to check how many implementations are available.

    • To check how many implementations of the BAdI are available, leave the Name of the Implementation input field blank.

    • To check in a later analysis whether a specific implementation of the BAdI definition you selected is used, enter the name of the implementation in the Name of the Implementation input field.