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Procedure documentationDisplaying User Apps in Dashboards


When you have registered an app in the Dashboard Framework (see Registering Your Own Apps in the Dashboard Framework), you will want to display it in one or more dashboards. This section describes the steps required to do so.

SAP delivers different dashboards for different purposes, meaning that not all apps are displayed in each of these dashboards, but rather only the apps of a suitable for the dashboard. You will therefore be able to display this app in different dashboards, depending on the category to which you have assigned your app.

Your personalized dashboard, in which you can display all apps, regardless of category, is also available. Unlike other dashboards, and as its name suggests, this dashboard is personally assigned to you, that is, each user can display his or her personal selection of apps in this dashboard.


Displaying an App in the Personalized Dashboard

To display your app in your personalized dashboard, proceed as follows:

  1. You call your personalized dashboard using a Web Dynpro application called my_dashboard. Call a Web Dynpro application as follows:

    1. In the SAP Easy Access menu, call Start of the navigation path Favorites Next navigation step Add Other Objects End of the navigation path.

    2. From the list in the Restrictions screen, choose Web Dynpro Applications.

    3. On the Web Dynpro Application screen, in the Web Dynpro Application field, enter the name my_dashboard.

    4. Enter a description, for example My Personalized Dashboard, and complete the creation of the new entry.

    Now start your personalized dashboard by double-clicking the entry that you have just created.

  2. To add a new app to the dashboard, choose the Configure button, and then Add New App.

  3. A list of the available apps appears, grouped by category. Choose the category to which you assigned your app.

  4. Your app is displayed in the list. Select your app and choose OK.

  5. If your app has a configuration app, the user interface of the configuration app appears. Make your desired configuration settings.

    To display the app with the selected configuration settings, choose Apply.

  6. To save the dashboard with the app that you have just added, choose the Save Dashboard button.

Displaying an App in any Dashboard

Once you have registered your app in the dashboard framework, you can add the app to dashboards for suitable topics in exactly the same way as the apps delivered by SAP. Proceed as described in the relevant section of Configuring Dashboards.