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Function documentationImpact and References


The Impact and References function helps you to determine the links between technical objects, such as tables and archiving objects, and business-related information, such as processes, steps, transactions, and reports. The analysis uses projects as a reference to provide your technical team with an overview of how objects are used by your business in practice. You use this information to decide whether an object is suitable for archiving or deletion, as well as to determine who you need to contact to discuss potential data volume reduction processes.

The Analysis List displays previous analyses.


Your business processes are documented accurately in the Business Blueprint transaction.


  • Identify connections between business objects and technical objects

  • Determine the impact of technical changes on business processes


To create a new analysis, you have the following options:

  • To perform a basic impact analysis, choose New Analysis and follow the guided procedure.

  • To perform a more detailed impact analysis, choose New Analysis Expert Mode and follow the guided procedure. In expert mode, you have more options for configuring the analysis to suit your specific needs.

You can select a completed analysis to open the Impacted Objects screen area, which displays database tables that contain the selected objects and shows which business processes are affected by the proposed data volume reduction measures. You use the hierarchical structure to identify exactly which steps of the business process use which of the objects. You can use this information to see how technical changes affect your business processes.

More Information

For more information, see the help texts displayed in each step of the guided procedures.