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  Logging Customizing Distribution


The Customizing Distribution logging gives an overview of successful and failed customizing distributions. It reveals sources of error in failed customizing distributions and can restart Customizing Distribution manually.


You can examine all Customizing Distribution logs and traces. You can display:

  • Logs of a customizing distribution, with its system messages

  • Business Configuration Sets which were activated for a customizing distribution

  • Business Configuration Set activation logs

  • Logs of distribution-relevant procedures in the SAP Solution Manager system ( Trace Display ).

You can search for logs by the following selection criteria:

  • Project

  • Target system

  • Target transport requests used (in the logging initial screen under Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Target Transport Requests Used) End of the navigation path

  • Transport request or initial distribution

  • Time periods

  • User.

You can also:

  • Restart failed customizing distributions

  • Check RFC destinations

  • Go to the following data in the detail display: Synchronization group, Transport request, Project, System landscape

  • Perform Customizing Distribution analyses : Search for customizing objects, transport requests, and their logs.