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Function documentationLandscape Reporting


This report lists selects system information from the Landscape Management Database, for example technical systems, product systems, or product instances and their characteristics.

You can export a list to a local spreadsheet.


  1. To access landscape reporting, start transaction LMDB. Under Related Links, choose Landscape Reporting.

  2. Select a report. For some reports, you can define further extensions for the report, under Extensions.

  3. Choose Search.

    Note: Reporting can take a long time, depending on the type and amount of the system information.

  4. Choose Filter to filter the results.

    Choose Settings to add or remove columns from the view.

    Choose Export to save the table to a local Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

    You can schedule regular exports to spreadsheets on a file share, with report AI_LMDB_EXEC_REPORTING in transaction SA38. For more information, see the documentation of this report.

Note Note

If you are missing information, ensure that you have selected the relevant columns under Settings.

Since SP10, for example, you can also filter for Kernel information with the SAP: Technical Systems - Installed Software Components report. In the Software Component Version According to PPMS column, filter for *KRNL*, for example. In the settings, add the columns for the version information and patch level.

End of the note.

For more information on reporting in SAP Solution Manager, see published on SAP site.