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  Service Level Reporting Change Mode


You specify the scope of the Service Level Reporting in the change mode of the set-up session.


The screen is divided into three areas:

  • Left-hand column:

    Displays all the checks which you should perform to set-up the Service Level report type.

    • Specify SL Report

    • General Setting for SL Report

    • Select Systems for SL Report

    • Select Business Processes for SL Report

    • SL Reporting Based on BP Monitoring

      Note Note

      Any subitems of checks only appear when you have performed and saved the check. These subchecks can be partially preconfigured, if the system has the necessary data.

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  • Top right screen area:

    Explains the use, background and procedure of the check.

    Note Note

    To hide the documentation, move the frame.

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  • Bottom right screen area:

    The tables to be maintained by the check.

    Note Note

    You can call the online documentation in the logon language, for the checks, with HELP .

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