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Function documentationAnalysis Results of Check Steps


The Solution Documentation Assistant provides a view of the analysis results of the check steps assigned to a check item.


  • You have opened the table of Check Item Analysis Results.

  • You have selected a check item, to open the table of check steps assigned to it.


The analysis results of the check steps are displayed in a table, next to the Tree Structure of the Analysis. For each check step, the table shows:

  • Check step name

  • Logical operator

  • In scope

  • Logical Component

  • Result gives the number of uses determined by analysis, for example, the number of dialog steps in a transaction.

  • Status shows the logical value the analysis determined for the check step:

    • True. The result reaches the Threshold Value.

    • False. The result does not reach the threshold value.

    • No result because, for example, there is no information in the system that you assigned to the logical component when creating the analysis.