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 Project Team Members


You create and update the list of team members in your project, in this tab. Any number of project team members can be assigned to a project. The project leader makes this assignment in the project management.

You can assign users defined in the user administration, and generic users (i.e. users not in the user administration). You can check whether the project team members are in the user management of your SAP System, with the Check against user master record . Team members who are not SAP users are highlighted in the list.


You are in project management in project change mode.


Team members whom you assign to the project on this tab, are displayed in a selection list when you enter task-specific administrative data in the following project phases or transactions:

  • Roadmap Project Team Members tab

  • Business Blueprint: Administration tab

  • Configuration: Administration , Configuration and Development tabs


  1. Enter the name of a project team member in the Project Team Member field. You can use the possible entries help to find and assign a member of staff defined in the user administration.

    Note Note

    You can also create a member of staff in the user administration and assign him or her to the project. You can go to the user data maintenance transaction by double-clicking on the name of a team member, or with the User Administration function key. The user maintenance call and the user data change depends on your project role and its authorizations.

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  2. You can enter a description of the project team member in the Name/Description field. This field is for project-internal use. You can use it, e.g. to document the assignment of a team member to a subproject or a project group.If the user is known in the SAP System, the user name is here by default.

  3. To lock structure elements in the project against changes by unauthorized persons, set the Restrict Changes to Project Nodes to Assigned Team Members flag.

    If you have set the flag, team members who are not assigned to the structure element can only display the structure element and its tabs in the Business Blueprint and Configuration .

  4. You can specify the names and details of the SAP partners who are involved in the project.

  5. You can replace team members with the Replace pushbutton.

    The system replaces the existing team member with the one you specify here, in the entire project structure.

  6. To restrict changing structure elements in the project to specified team members, set the Restrict Changes to Nodes in Project to Assigned Team Members flag.Only team members whom you actively assign in a tab in the Business Blueprint and Configuration, can make changes in this tab.Other team members can only display the tabs.