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Procedure documentationDisplay Configuration Tracks


Configuration tracks tell you whether there are configuration tasks and methods between technical systems.

You specify the part of your system landscape in which you can display the technical systems and all existing configuration tracks for the system role, for your project.

For further information, see Automatic Configuration Tasks.


You can restrict the display of configuration tracks, by filter criteria:


Enter the project name.

A project is the prerequisite for selection in the fields System Role and Product Version.

System role

Select a system role from your project landscape.

A system role is the prerequisite for selection in the field Product Version.

Product version

Select one or more product versions in your project landscape.

You can further restrict the filter:

  • Complete view of configuration tracks

    The displayed configuration tracks run between configuration targets, of which at least one has a product version.

  • Restricted view of configuration tracks

    You have, for example, selected two product versions, by multiple selection. The configuration tracks displayed only run between configuration targets which have one of the selected product versions.

Configuration status

You can display configuration tracks by configuration status.

Alternatively, all status values are displayed.

To apply or update the filter, choose Filter.

To reset all tasks, choose Reset.

You can set-up the configuration status update with Status Update Settings. By default, the configuration status is refreshed automatically every 120 seconds.


All configuration tracks for the part of the system landscape which you have selected with the system role, are displayed

The configuration tracks go to the configuration tasks and methods. The configuration tasks and methods depend on your configuration track filter criteria.

More Information

Run configuration method