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 Change Test Plan for a Project

You can put test cases or transactions which you have put in your project structure since the last generation of the test plans, into the test plan.

  1. Start the Test Plan Management .

  2. Select a test plan.

  3. Choose Start of the navigation path Test Plan Next navigation step Change. End of the navigation path

  4. The project structure underlying this test plan is displayed. Expand the project structure until you reach the relevant area.

    The test cases or transactions in the test plan are selected.

  5. Select the subareas that are relevant for the test plan.

  6. If you want to select further by test case attribute or test case status, choose Filter Test Case Attribute or Filter Test Case Status .

    Fill in the following selection screen and Execute . Only those test cases are now selected which were selected in step 5, and also satisfy the specified selection conditions.

  7. You can select or discard test cases or transactions manually.

  8. Change the structure element sequence under a higher-level structure element, by Drag&Drop.

    The sequence change deletes the link to the project structure.

  9. Generate the selected test plan with the Generate pushbutton.

    Note Note

    The sequence of the test cases is retained.

    Status information for test cases or transactions which have already been put in the test plan, is not lost when you regenerate the test plan.

    End of the note.

    After generation, you go to the Test Plan Management initial screen.