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Procedure documentationConfiguring an Additional System Landscape Directory (SLD)


The SLDs recognize managed systems automatically. You must make the SLDs known to the SAP Solution Manager, so that the data for all managed systems is available. This is necessary if you have several SLDs, not just one, which would be installed automatically.

Example Example

  • Some products, for example Process Integration (PI), require a local SLD. WheIf you install such a product, you must make its SLD known to the SAP Solution Manager.

  • The security regulations of your organization demand that passwords are changed regularly. If you change the password of the user which connects the SLD to the SAP Solution Manager, you must make the new password known to the SAP Solution Manager.

End of the example.


You have called the SAP Solution Manager Management work center.


  1. Choose the Infrastructure view.

  2. Choose SLD.

    You go to the System Preparation view in the SAP Solution Manager Configuration work center.

  3. Follow the instructions.