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Component documentationTechnical Monitoring Directory Browser


The directory browser is an expert tool that gives you an overview of the managed objects that are monitored in the context of technical monitoring. A managed object is an entity in your system or business process landscape, such as a technical system, a host, or a technical scenario (see Navigation in the Directory Browser). Unlike the Configuration Explorer, the directory browser does not display the types of the monitored objects (such as technical systems of the type AS ABAP with release SAP NetWeaver 7.00 – 7.03), but rather the actual monitored objects themselves (such as technical system PRD).

The directory browser only displays the values. You cannot change them. Instead, you can see the consequences of the technical monitoring settings that you selected in the context of the Solution Manager configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP) on the monitoring of your managed objects.

The directory browser displays the following data for each managed object:

  • Metrics

    A metric is a measurable entity that through a value and other attributes, such as threshold values, has a value or status - for example, a response time.

  • Events

    An event is a relevant status change of a managed object. It is based on a measured value, or the valuation of one or more metrics or another event.

  • Alerts

    An alert represents a situation in which the user has to react. It is always triggered by precisely one event.

  • Templates Used

    A template combines types for metrics, events, and alerts and their attributes. SAP delivers templates of this type that you can copy or change yourself.

  • Managed Objects: Tags

    There are tag, whose values characterize various types of managed objects. These tags are given values in SAP Solution Manager configuration.

  • Collector Parameter Variables

    Data is captured in the monitoring and alerting infrastructure, by data collectors, which either report new values independently, or are queried by the infrastructure at regular intervals. Parameter values give the collectors the information about the managed objects required to collect data from them.

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For more information about the data displayed in the directory browser, see Displayed Information for a Managed Object.

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The directory browser shows which templates and which types of metrics, events, and alerts are active in your landscape, for which managed objects.


To call the directory browser, call transaction MAI_TOOLS, choose Analysis, and Alerting Directory Browser.

Choose the managed object for which you want to display data. For more information, see Navigation in the Directory Browser.