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Object documentationProject Cycle


Controls the following activities in Change Request Management over the whole duration of a project:

  • Requests for change and the resulting changes in the systems that are used in your project

  • Release and import action to the TMS infrastructure of the managed systems

  • Change logistics, that is, which transports can be transported into the follow-on systems at which point in time

You create a project cycle for implementation, upgrade, and template projects.

From a technical perspective, the project cycle is a preconfigured service transaction (delivered by default as transaction type SMDV).

Note Note

The maintenance cycle is a special type of project cycle where it is possible to pass through the stages several times. It is created for maintenance projects.

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You always create a project cycle for a project if you want to work with change transactions. You use the project cycle to control which changes activities are permitted in which phase. The project cycle phases determine the sequence of tasks in task lists. Through its phase structure, the project cycle offers an operational enhancement to the project plan.


The following functions are available by means of assignment blocks in the project cycle:


You activate a project cycle for a project and thereby also activate the specific corresponding task list.

Note Note

Each project cycle has just one task list, which is used for the entire project and all corresponding change transactions.

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