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Procedure documentationEdit Project Landscape


You can edit the project landscape in the selected project, and, for example, add new logical components, or make assignments between technical systems and product instances.


You need a project to be able to edit the project landscape:

  • You have selected a project in the application Automatic Technical Configuration, and choose Start of the navigation path Links Next navigation step Project Landscape End of the navigation path.

  • Or you have created an implementation project and its project landscape. See Create Implementation Project from Template for further information.


Add Logical Components
  • Insert existing logical component

    1. Choose Insert Existing Logical Component. A dialog box appears.

    2. Enter the name of the logical component. You can filter existing logical components in the value help, by:

      • Product version

      • Product instance

      • Technical systems by the higher-level product systems

    3. To copy the logical component into your project landscape, confirm your entry.

  • Create new logical component

    1. Select Create New Logical Component.

      A new, empty row appears in your project landscape list.

    2. Enter the name of the logical component.

    3. Make the following entries:

      • Product version

      • Product instance

    4. To assign a system role in your project landscape, specify the technical system with a system type, from the value help for the corresponding column.

    5. To create the logical component and copy it into your project landscape, choose Save Logical Componente.

Assign technical systems to a logical component

You can assign a technical system, via the higher-level product system, to your project landscape, depending on the product version and product instance in a logical component.

  1. Select a logical component.

  2. Specify the system role for the technical system. Choose the technical system of a system type, in the value help for the corresponding column.

    The technical system entry appears in the corresponding field.

  3. To copy the changes to the logical component it into your project landscape, choose Save Logical Componente.

Other Changes
  • Technical systems

    You crate a technical system, which cannot be captured by SLD, to put it in the system landscape. For further information, see Technical Landscape Information.

  • Products

    You can put non-SAP products into the system landscape, or add other product versions and product instances of existing products. For more information, see Logical Landscape Information.