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You can assign reference objects to your change transaction or message. A reference object represents a product or an installation in the customer’s system landscape for which a service or change is requested.


An IBase is available.


  • You can specify the following types of reference objects in change transactions and messages:

    • Configuration item (called IBase object component or IObject in the IBase)

      Entity or system that is identified and changed in Change Request Management or IT Service Management. Configuration items are objects in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB) or Configuration Management Database (CMDB). They vary in complexity and size from a single module or small component, to an entire system. Configuration items can, for example, contain the following:

      • Hardware (technical systems, databases, and hosts)

      • Software

      • Services

      • Documentation

    • Component (called IBase text component in the IBase)

      Components of a customer installation to which business processes can refer.

  • If you enter a value in one of the Component or Configuration Item fields, the other is filled automatically, if the value is known in the system. For example, if a configuration item is created in the IBase but not installed, the Component field remains empty.

  • For Change Request Management: When you search for a configuration item or a component, the result list shows only those objects that belong to the project, that is, the system landscape, that has been assigned to the request for change or to the change document. Depending on the transaction type, the following systems are displayed:

    • Normal change, urgent change, defect correction: only productive systems of the project system landscape

    • Administrative change: all systems of the project system landscape

    • General change: all possible configuration items

    Note Note

    The system only filters the search results if a project has been assigned to the change transaction.

    End of the note.
  • You can enter and process reference objects in the following assignment blocks:

    • Requests for change: Scope assignment block

      You can also enter the product ID. This is the configuration item.

    • Change documents: Details assignment block

      The system fills the Reference Objects fields automatically with the data from the Scope assignment block in the associated approved change request.

    • Messages: Assignment blocks Details and Reference Objects

      Note Note

      You can edit the reference objects, depending on the transaction type and status of the transaction. For example, you can no longer change the reference object of a normal change that is already being implemented.

      End of the note.
  • You can use the reference object as a criterion to search for change transactions or messages.

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