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Procedure documentationApprove and Download Files in Download Basket


To download only specified files from the download basket in a transaction:


For the prerequisites for this scenario, see Basic Prerequisites, under Prerequisites.


Step 1: Plan Maintenance
  1. Enter the required transaction information. The following fields require input:

    • Priority

      Specify the priority of the transaction.

    • Description

      The text New Maintenance Optimizer Transaction is the default. You can put a short description in the field.

    • Product Version

      Select the product version for which you want to perform the transaction.

    • Product System

      Select the product systems for which you want to perform the transaction.

    Entries are optional in the following fields:

    • Solution

      If you use solutions, you can specify a solution at the start of the transaction.

    • More Fields...

      You can specify the processor and the requester. You can also display the documents assigned to the transaction, or upload documents yourself.

  2. Choose Continue. The system checks the product instances installed in your product system, and determines the update options. This check is based on the settings that you made in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB) for the selected product system.

Step 2: Select Files
  1. Choose Select Files Manually.

  2. You can go to the download area, in which you can put files in the download basket manually, with the following links:

    • Directly select files for product version

      You go to the download area in the SAP Service Marketplace for the specified product version. For more information, see the application help in the download area.

    • Go to the SAP Software Distribution Center

      You go to the SAP Software Distribution Center.

    If you have selected an HR system as the product system, you can also:

    • Add HR Support Packages and Country Legal Change Packages

      You go to a dialog box, in which you can select the current support packages and country legal change packages (CLC packages) for your HR software components.

    You can also make the selection previously, in the SAP Service Marketplace. If you have already selected files for the download basket, they are shown in the next step.

  3. When you have selected all files for the download basket, choose Continue.

Step 3: Download Files

Before downloading files with the download basket, you must confirm the selection in Maintenance Optimizer.

  • Confirm

    1. Choose Confirm Files in Download Basket. You go to the dialog box Confirm Files in Download Basket.

    2. Set the checkboxes for the fields that you want to download.

    3. Choose OK. When you confirm your selection, the files are assigned to the procedure and released for download.

    Note Note

    Maintenance Optimizer logs all confirmed entries in the download basket, in the table /TMWFLOW/MOBKLOG.

    End of the note.
  • Download

    1. You cannot download until you have confirmed the files. The quickest and easiest way is to download the files directly. Choose Download Files in Download Basket. You go to the dialog box Download Files from Download Basket.

    2. Click on the names of the files consecutively, to download them to your hard disk.

    3. When you have finished, choose Close.

    4. Choose Continue.

Step 4: Implementation

You go to a list of copied and confirmed download files. You can display detailed information, such as package attributes, about each file, or call a side-effect report, before implementing.

The security notes for the download files are displayed.

If you selected product systems in step 1, they are shown here. When the data has been downloaded, you must import it into the selected product systems.

  1. Use Maintenance Optimizer to document the implementation. You can specify a start and end date, and the implementation status. You only go to the next step when you have selected the status Completed for all product systems.

  2. Choose Save, and Continue.

Step 5: End Maintenance

When you have implemented the files in the desired product systems, you can complete the maintenance transaction. Choose Complete Transaction.

You can then make no more changes.