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Procedure documentationExporting and Importing Managed Objects Data


You use this procedure to import the managed object and its corresponding details like start time and duration from an excel file. By importing, the system adapts your way of data maintenance.


You have ensured that the following prerequisites are met:

  • Download ACF 7.12 from Service Market Place and install in your system for data validation purposes.

  • Refer SAP note 846952Information published on SAP site

  • Install Microsoft Office 2007 or above (All office 2003 and lower releases must be upgraded)


  1. Execute transaction solman_setup in the solution manager system.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Technical Monitoring Next navigation step BI Moniroting Next navigation step 4 Define Scope End of the navigation path

  3. Select a scenario fromt the Scenario Selection area.

  4. Choose Export, to download the managed objects data in excel format, to obtain the ALV grid format in which the details are maintained.

    Note Note

    In case you are exporting with empty rows in ALV, the excel file get filled with the header row with description of columns.

    End of the note.
  5. Fill in the excel sheet with all the managed object details.

  6. Ensure the following validation parameters while filling the data:







    Existence of Technical System

    Maintain the only technical system those are configured in the scenario




    ST7 and others those are not being part of the scenario.


    Existence of Managed System

    Assure that the managed Objects(Process Chain, queries, BO & DS Jobs) maintained in the excel are existing in your corresponding system

    DM_DUMP_TEST (if its available in your managed system – BW, DS, BO)

    The ones which doesn’t exist in the managed system.


    Threshold Validity

    The thresholds should be a numeral figure


    10A and so forth


    Not Started on time

    Should adhere HH:MM (auto correction is not enabled)

    10:00, 09:00

    10, 1030, 9

    Note Note

    In addition, the excel is ought to abide all the following rules thatose are already out forth in ALV:

    • Yellow threshold must e greater than Red threshold

    • Start time should exactly fall undre Out of time window

    • Yellow (High) threshold should be more than Yellow (Low) and Red (Low) and less than Red (High)

    • Red (Low) threshold should be less than Yellow (Low), Yellow (High) and Red (High)

    • Red (High) threshold should be more than Yellow (Low), Yellow (High) and Red (Low)

    End of the note.
  7. Choose Import to the upload the excel file.

  8. Choose Browse to select the file from you local system.

  9. Choose Validate & Correct Excel, to validate the excel if the data is at par with the validation parameters.

    Note Note

    In case of validation errors, the system opens up the excel in a new window and highlights the error cells.

    End of the note.
  10. If there are erros, fix the same in the excel.

  11. Choose Upload Content.

    Note Note

    • The Managed Objects are overwritten in the ALV if the same is already present in the BI Configuration.

    • The in-place excel will not display in the popup on absence of ACF framework.

    End of the note.