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Procedure documentationAssigning Work Center Views to User Roles


According to your authorization concept, you can specify the views or applications which a user can access in the SAP Solution Manager work centers.

Note Note

This applies to the following work centers:

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • SAP Solution Manager Administration

  • Technical Administration

  • Technical Monitoring

  • SAP Solution Manager Configuration

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You have started the SAP Solution Manager Administration work center.


  1. In the Content view, choose the Root Cause Analysis pushbutton.

  2. Choose the URL Framework tab page.

  3. Choose the Groups tab page.

  4. In the Groups hierarchy, select the view, group, or application which you want to assign to a user.

    In the Properties screen area is displayed.

    Under Authorization, in the Object field, the ID of the work center object is displayed.

  5. To identify the authorization objects required to access the work center object, open SAP Note 1486991Information published on SAP site.

  6. In the Microsoft Excel sheet attached to the SAP note, search for the ID of the work center object.

  7. To edit the roles of the users and to add or remove the authorization objects, call transaction PFCG.