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Procedure documentationConfiguring the System Monitoring Widget


You use this procedure to configure the System Monitoring widget in your system.


You have installed the Yahoo widget engine.


1. Create an Endpoint for Using the Service
  1. To create an endpoint and access the AI_TMON_OVERVIEW_SERVICE service delivered with SAP Solution Manager, navigate to the transaction SOAMANAGER.

  2. In the SOA Management <system, client> window, navigate to the Service Administration tab page.

  3. Choose Web Service Configuration.

  4. In the Web Service Configuration <system, client> window, search for the AI_TMON_OVERVIEW_SERVICE service.

  5. Choose Apply Selection.

  6. On the Configurations tab page, choose Create.

  7. In the SOA Management window, enter the required data.

  8. In the Configuration of Web Service <service name> screen area, make the required settings.

2. Set up System Monitoring Widget
  1. In the context menu of the System Monitoring widget, choose Widget Preferences.

  2. In the SOA Management window, open the WSDL document for the binding of service.

  3. Copy the soap: address location from the WSDL document to the Web Service URL field in the SAP System Monitor window.

  4. In the HTTP URL field, enter the SAP Solution Manager HTTP URL.

  5. In the Select Favorite Systems preference, enter the systems to be monitored.

  6. Save your entries.

    The System Monitoring widget displays the status of systems.