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Background documentationQuality Gate Management Prerequisites


The prerequisites for setting up quality gate management are:

  • Quality gate management roles must be assigned to the respective users.

  • A business partner must be assigned to the user. Create a business partner in Customizing for SAP Solution Manager under Start of the navigation path Technical Settings Next navigation step Business Partner Next navigation step Create Key Users End of the navigation path,

  • The system landscape must be configured in the Transport Management System (TMS). For more information, see Change and Transport System.

  • A project must be created in the backend Project Administration transaction.

Note Note

For more information, see SAP Note 1509091Information published on SAP site.

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Roles in Quality Gate Management

The following roles are required in quality gate management:

  • Quality manager (QM) responsible: A quality manager makes one status assignment in quality gate management.

  • Quality advisory board (QAB): A member of the quality advisory board makes the second status assignment.

    Note Note

    The quality advisory board is a group of project team members who are responsible for the quality of the customer system landscape. The members of the quality advisory board can be, for example, the quality managers of a business area, with their manager or IT director. However, the QAB user must be a different user than the QM.

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Configure the System Landscape

You must ensure that the logical components which you use in projects match the system landscape configuration in the transport management system.

Caution Caution

Since transport requests created outside of QGM cannot be identified by QGM as belonging to a project, users must not be permitted to create transport requests/tasks directly in the Transport Organizer. This means that requests and tasks are always created and released in the QGM application itself, either by a project lead or by the developers themselves.

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Create a Project in Project Administration

To use quality gate management, you must carry out the following steps:

  • You must have created a project in Project Administration (transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN).

    For more information, see Project Administration.

    Note Note

    If non-standard system roles are required, you must adjust the system role assignment.

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  • You must edit this project in the Change Management work center. For more information, see Setting Up Quality Gates and Assigning Project Phases. Alternatively, you can edit a project directly from the backend Project Administration screen, using the QGM Configuration pushbutton.