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Function documentationBW-Based Reporting Setup Settings


Before using the BW-based reporting, you make settings for the connection to the BW system and data extraction.


You are a business partner able to make settings.


BI Reporting Settings

The following settings are required for reporting:

  • RFC connections between the SAP Solution Manager and BW systems

    The RFC connections are created when the managed systems are configured, in the SAP Solution Manager basic configuration.

  • Activating BI content

    You activate the BI content in the implementation or after an upgrade.

  • Saving data in the BW system

    You specify the analysis data retention period in months.

Data Extraction Settings

The following settings are required for the message reporting:

  • Frequency of regular data extraction from the Service Desk

    Note Note

    Since BW-based reporting for incident management and test management are based on a common infrastructure; the frequency of data loading for these two scenarios is mutually dependent. The data extraction for message reporting must be performed at least as frequently as the extraction for test management reporting (see Configuration of BW-Based Reporting in Test Management). This means that you may not be able to select certain frequencies, depending on your settings for the other scenario in each case.

    End of the note.
  • Message creation date as of which you want to start the evaluation of the data (this creation date can be in the past at the time of the configuration).

    Note Note

    This creation date is identical for BW-based message reporting and for BW-based reporting in test management (see Configuration of BW-Based Reporting in Test Management). This means that, depending on which of the two scenarios you set up first, the creation date also applies for the other scenario.

    If you call the configuration for one of the two scenarios again later, you can move the creation date further into the past. You can, therefore, change the date if you need older data for BW-based message reporting or BW-based reporting in test management. It is not possible to change to a more recent date.

    End of the note.
  • Suppress extraction of business partner data

    You can make the message data anonymous for data protection purposes. When this flag is set, no personal data is analyzed.

    Note Note

    Personal data that was extracted before changing this setting can still be analyzed.

    End of the note.
Health Check

Various self-checks in the SAP Solution Manager and BW system check the status of the BW reporting settings. The self-check statuses are aggregated to an overall status. If error messages are sent, you get further information about the cause of the error.


Solution Manager Reporting
  1. In the Incident Management work center, in the Reports view, call the setup.

  2. Make the settings.

  3. Perform the self-check.

    Remove the cause of any errors, if necessary.

  4. Copy the changes.

Business Warehouse Reporting and Dashboard Reporting
  1. Call the SAP Solution Manager configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP).

  2. Create the RFC connections in the basic configuration.

  3. Activate the BI content and schedule the data extraction with the default settings in the IT Service Management configuration, under Start of the navigation path Perform Standard Configuration Next navigation step Configure Automatically End of the navigation path.

    With Open URL, you can adjust the data extraction settings.