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Procedure documentationManage Tool List


There are tool lists for various administration tasks. You can manage the tool lists by adjusting the selection of tools available for specified systems and components.


You are working in the System Monitoring work center.


Select a system.

Add tools
  1. Choose Add Tool in the Detail area. A dialog box appears.

  2. To add a tool, add a meaningful name under Description.

  3. Enter the technical name of the tool.

  4. Under Type, you can choose:

    • ABAP Transaction:

      The system selected for the function call is a Managed System. RFC connections between the managed system and the Solution Manager system are a prerequisite.

      Note Note

      You can choose whether the local Solution Manager system is to run the transaction.

      End of the note.
    • ABAP WebDynpro:

      The selected system for the function call is the local system (the Solution Manager).

  5. To put the tool in the list, confirm your entries.

Remove Tool

You can remove tools which you previously inserted manually.

To remove a tool from the list, select it, and choose Remove Tools from List, in the Detail area.