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Object documentationInteractive Reports for ABAP Systems - Exceptions


Part of checking the overall status of a system is to consider how many errors of various categories have occurred in the system. In the context of interactive reporting, the following report gives you a quick overview of the development over time of these metrics and their relationship:

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    The report shows the number of errors of the following categories, for the selected system:

    • Dumps (ABAP Runtime Errors

    • Update Errors; for more information, see Updates in the SAP System (BC-CST-UP)

    • Terminated Jobs; a job can be terminated manually by an administrator, or if a job step contains a program that generates an error (for more information about error analysis for terminated jobs, see Job is Terminated)

    You can specify which of the above error categories to display, in the Exception Type dropdown list box. You can show the categories individually, or the sum of the exceptions.

Note Note

  • For information about how you can specify the desired systems and the time interval to be displayed, and how to call interactive reporting, see Using Interactive Reporting.

  • For information about the different display options for the reports for ABAP systems with regard to metrics, threshold values, and instances, see Interactive Reports for ABAP Systems.

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