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If you use structure items from the Business Process Repository in your project structure, this tab page displays the business functions that are assigned to the structure items. If necessary, you can remove the business functions from the project scope. In this way, you can choose the new functions from enhancement packages that can be used in your business processes.

This function is in the Business Blueprint and in the Configuration.


You activate the business functions relevant for your business processes centrally based on the project scope.

If you have assigned business functions to your processes, the test catalogs for the business functions are available in the SAP Solution Manager test organization. For further information, see the Test Cases tab.

The Business Process Change Analyzer checks the effect of changes by activating the selected business functions, on existing business processes, to test them. For more information, see Business Process Change Analyzer.


You have imported the technical components for your business processes from the enhancement packages in your SAP installations, so that business functions are visible in the managed system, and you can use them in your business processes. The technical components to be installed are in Technical Usages. The technical usages for your business functions are in the business function documentation.

You have created logical components with the production instances which you need for your business processes, in the Solution Manager System Landscape. For more information, see Edit Logical Components.


  • Display assigned business functions

    When you assign elements from the Business Process Repository to a scenario, process, or process step, business functions are added to the project scope automatically.

    Note Note

    The assigned business functions are displayed even if you have not entered all of the systems in the logical components.

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  • Documentation

    If you select a business function, Display Documentation goes to the place in the SAP Library with the description of the business function.

  • Select/deselect a business function in the project scope

    The selection is passed to the Business Function Scope for checking.

  • Display business function activation status

    You can see the current activation status from the assigned business functions.

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